Outlook cannot connect to Exchange 2003 Enterprise server: OWA OK

Outlook cannot connect to Exchange 2003 Enterprise server: OWA OK

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i recently had to bring up a new 2003 server when our old server died. I migrated all the accounts over to the new machine and am experiencing the following

OWA works fine. Nobody can connect with outlook - even a check name fails even though the machine name resolves. says outlook cannot logon etc. can ping machine by name, fqd and ip address and all respond correctly

I am guessing this is some sort of permissions problem. have looked at all the threads re:RPC but that is not the problem. we are experincing this across XP w/ 3 different versions of Office

Any ideas - this has reached crisis level

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I am trying to setup an employee's laptop to connect to our exchange
server. The laptop is new and is running Vista & Outlook 2003. I
would hate to wipe the computer and install Windows xp because of this

1. Connecting via http
2. Ping the location
3. Security settings trying to access OWA

Regarding Questions in Order

1. I know the connection works for this specific account and the
location because the desktop, albeit, running Windows xp with Office
2003, can connect to the Exchange Server from the same location.
There is no firewall setting on the router to block incoming traffic.
The laptop's firewall was removed to determine if this was the issue.
It was not.

2. Although I can access the server via the internet browser using
OWA, I cannot ping the server from the laptop.. My ping requests are
timing out.

3. I was having some difficulty accessing OWA with the laptop until I
set the security settings lower. Is there another security setting I
would need to set lower for this laptop to connect?

Outlined are the basic issues I am working on regarding the employee's
laptop. As you can tell, there is an issue with a security setting as
the laptop will not ping the server yet the laptop will allow a
connection to the server using OWA. Believing that all settings are
factory with the exception of internet security settings regarding the
ability to access webpages, firewall settings being removed, and
antivirus checking turned off, please provide any assistance to this

Price Purvis

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