HELP - Ex5.5 to Ex2003 migration problem

HELP - Ex5.5 to Ex2003 migration problem

Post by Manos Anas » Tue, 07 Sep 2004 21:45:32

i all,

In our organization (say we have a recently
upgraded our single NT4 domain (FOO) to Active Directory
running on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
with two domain controllers (server names: DC-1, DC-2).

We also have Ex 5.5 on an NT4/SP6 server (MAIL) which
was originally a member of the old NT4 domain but currently
a member of the AD domain.
We wish to migrate the data to a new Exchange Server 2003
(Enterprise Edition) to be installed on a new server (ES-1),
also running on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.
(NOTE: this is a temporary server, since we wll finally use
a cluster to host the production environment.)

We have (finally) succeded in using the ExDeploy tool to
configure the New Exchange 2003 Server with Co-Existence
with Exchange 5.5 up to the point of the actual
Exchange Server 2003 setup.
This means that we successfully accomplished the following steps:
[Phase 1]
- Installed necessary services
- Run DSScopeScan / OrgNameCheck
- Installed Support Tools
- Run DCDiag, NetDiag and review the log files for errors
[Phase 2]
- Run ForestPrep and DomainPrep - designated an existing user
(esadmin) for becoming Exchange Full Administrator in the
new Exchange Server
- Run OrgPrepCheck and review the log files for errors
- Installed ADC, created Recipient and Public Folder CAs,
- Proceeded with replication, which was completed
(shown in Event Viewer, after turning on Minimal logging)
[Phase 3]
- Run SetupPrep and review the log files for errors

Last, we tried to run the ExDeploy tool again for running
the Exchange Setup program, after having logged on as
FOO\esadmin (Permissions have been set).
Unfortunately, the setup program fails when trying to
connect to the Exchange 5.5 server after requesting
its' name (MAIL).
The error message is:
Setup encountered an error while attempting to bind to
the Exchange server MAIL: 0x8007052E (1326):
Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

- "esadmin" is a new account created in the AD domain.
It has NO associated mailbox in Exchange 5.5.
It is a member of the following Domain groups:
Enterprise Admins
Schema Admins
Domain Admins (=> member of the Local Administrators group on every
although it should not be necessary, according to docs.
- "esadmin" cannot use the Exchange Administrator to view content
on Ex5.5 after a local logon, although it is a member of the
Domain Admins group which has explicitly been given the
same permissions as the Exchange Service account
(FOO\ExchangeServer) at the Org/Site/Config levels:
Level / Role / Applied Custom Rights (if non-standard)
Org / Custom / Add Child, Modify User Attributes, Modify Admin
Attributes, Delete, Replication, Modify Permissions
Site / Service Account Admin / (standard)
Config / Service Account Admin / (standard)
The error (at connection time) is:
Network problems are preventing connection to the
Microsoft Exchange server computer. Mapi was unable to load
the information service emsabp.dll. Be sure the service is
installed and configured.
In f