Exchange 2007 Public folders - Outlook still connects to Ex2003 Public Folders

Exchange 2007 Public folders - Outlook still connects to Ex2003 Public Folders

Post by Trin Yutha » Fri, 29 Jun 2007 00:32:10

We have migrated to Exchange 2007 in our 2003 environment. We had two
Ex2003 servers in the org and I deprecated one after moving all
mailboxes off of it and replicating public folders to Ex2007. I've
verified with Get-PublicFolderStatistics on the Ex2007 server that
folders are populated. However, Outlook clients are still accessing
Public Folders on the second Ex2003 server. I verified this by running
the Oulook.exe /rpcdiag switch. I will be removing the second Ex2003
server in a few days, but until then, it is still populated with
All clients, including those with mailboxes that reside on the Ex2007
exchange server, access the Ex2003 Public Folders. One solution that I
saw involved assigning the Public folder server to the mailbox store
in ESM. I poked around on ESM but, I can't see how to do this - how do
I "assign the PF server to the mailboxstore."??

Thanks kindly!


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I am new in Exchange. Could you please answer this question: Is it possible
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If possible, please tell me how. Thanks in advance.


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