Large objects container populate object fields that are inside it.

Large objects container populate object fields that are inside it.

Post by SmF5VFBBMT » Thu, 20 Jul 2006 05:03:01

Can an object like a room auto populate the field room for a computer. Like
2 computers are in Room 3 so the room number (or name) automatically
populates the room field property in both computers. And lets say there is a
larger object in the room called "Station 1" which goes into the property
field of Location for the computer. Computers move around a lot in my office
and automating this would help a bundle.

For Reports it would also be nice to have any attached or connected objects
appear underneath and indented to the "primary" object. Primary being a
computer, server, or main object your trying to inventory or track in an
organization. As connections to that object move or change it makes the
neccessary adjustments to the report. For instance a monitor, mouse,
keyboard, and possibly a printer will be connected to a computer.

Also there are items in the report I would rather be able to filter out
certain items like text, maybe rooms, and things that make printing the
drawing nice but would rather not show up on the report.

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