debugging in production environment

debugging in production environment

Post by R3JvdXBlIE » Mon, 31 Oct 2005 01:18:02

We are looking for a better solution to debug problems that occur on
environments where is not installed, such as the production
environment of our customers.
The only way we found is to use our own computers (with, open a vpn
connection with the customer's production server, and run the application
from within
(Our applications are written in visual basic .net and run against an oracle
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Groupe LCM

debugging in production environment

Post by v-phuan » Tue, 01 Nov 2005 16:38:38


I think you may try to install the remote debugging component to do remote
Remote Debugging Setup

Setting Up Remote Debugging

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debugging in production environment

Post by QWRhbSBHZX » Sat, 05 Nov 2005 09:38:02

I've got the release version of VS 2005 downloaded using my MSDN subscription.

I've installed the Remote Debugging components per the article referenced
above, and have even gone so far as to configure the Visual Studio Remote
Debugging Monitor to No Authentication, Allow any user to debug (the system
is behind a firewall, so that's not yet a concern).

A brand new web project running on a brand new (virtual) machine with the
.NET 2.0 Framework installed, IIS with Front Page extensions, etc. now asks
for login credentials before connecting to the project. This doesn't happen
in VS 2003.

Entering my domain account info (which maps to membership on the local
Administrators group, which I don't like but use to eliminate other sources
of problems) grants access to the application.

Enable anonymous access is checked. Aha, the Application has Integrated
Windows authentication checked in Authentication Methods. Unchecking that
gives a:

"Unable to open the Web ' '. You are
not authorized to perform the current operation.

Rechecking the box and entering credentials allows the application to be
opened. Checking Web.Config, authentication mode="None".

Either setting allows anonymous browsing (as opposed to opening in Visual
Studio 2005) to the website itself.

Is this account information used to set the context of the application with
respect to debugging? Yesterday when I created the machine debugging did not
work (access denied, even when the Visual Studio Remote Debugging Monitor was
set to No Authentication, Allow any User to debug), but I suspect that being
active and synchronizing on the domain overnight has allowed proper
permissions to propagate.

Where/how is this dialog being controlled, and if it is domain-specific, why
aren't the login settings of the system running Visual Studio 2005 being used
as credentials?

Thanks for any insights/answers.

Adam Getchell