Error Stepping into t-sql from .net

Error Stepping into t-sql from .net

Post by John Arche » Fri, 20 Feb 2004 16:52:20

Can anyone help with this problem?

Through Server Explorer I open the Northwind DB, chose a sproc, and
view it in VS.NET 1.1. I right click, choose step into, and the
following error appears:

Unable to start sql debug session. Ensure sqldbreg2 and proxy/stub dll
sqldbg are registered on this machine.

Searching MSDN, I found an apparent solution here:

but after ensuring the sqlde *** account had the proper access on
both folders, the error persists.

I am running SQL Server 2000 sp3a locally with windows authentication
under an account with admin rights on the machine and VS.Net 1.1

Any help would be greatly appreciated