Error while starting ASP.NET debugging

Error while starting ASP.NET debugging

Post by Guru Ramas » Wed, 31 Dec 2003 10:09:14

I am using Windows 2003 Server and Visual Studio .NET 2003
to create a ASP.NET web application. When I try to debug
the web application, I get the following error every time.

"Error While trying to run project: Unable to start
debugging on the web server. There is no managed code
running in the process. In order to attach to a process
with the .NET de *** , managed code must be running in
the process before attaching".

Actually the page that I am trying to debug is ASP.NET
page. The virtual directory is configured with Integrated
windows authentication, Default Web-Site has "All
Unassigned" in the IP address. Any help on this issue
would really be appreciated.