Studio 2003 debugging C# on Windows XP Embedded Target

Studio 2003 debugging C# on Windows XP Embedded Target

Post by Peter Mer » Fri, 27 Jan 2006 05:31:06

I would very much appreciate help with setting up a Windows XP Embedded
system and MS Studio 2003 to allow Remote Debugging of C# code on a Windows
XP Embedded system. Mixed mode debugging would be preferable.

The development machine is running Windows XP SP2 with MS Studio 2003
I have coded a simple C# application to test my setup.
I have built Windows XP Embedded and installed it on the target System.
I have loaded the de *** tools from Studio.
I have administrator rights on target machine Windows XPE.
I have administrator rights and Debug users rights on the Development

I have consulted the article Hodge Podge Lodge on MSDN. The url is
attached. This however says there is a problem with Dcom debugging but
provides no solutions.

I can debug via DCom to another Windows XP desktop machine successfully.
This leads me to believe that something is missing from the Windows XP
Embedded Build.

When I try the same thing to the XPE system it is able to compile code on
the system but not able to launch the de *** . It comes back with an

Of course the compiler just compiled over the network on the target.
Examining output file dates confirms this.

I have administrator rights on both machines and they are both in the same
domain. I have connected with the net share command to establish a trust
relationship. Yet the error persists. Hence I feel there must be something
missing from the XPE build.

If anyone can help specifically on setting up remote debugging of managed
code to be run on Windows XP Embedded I would very much appreciate it. Even
pointing me to a good article or KB or book will be welcome.