Cannot break on codelines in webservice

Cannot break on codelines in webservice

Post by bm9zcGFtQH » Thu, 09 Dec 2004 07:29:07

I am a novice on .net debugging. I run Visual Studio 2003 Enterprise
Architect on windows xp. I have a webservice and a windows client in the same
project on the same machine. The code is vb. The problem is that my
breakpoints in the webservice are never hit. I cannot debug the webservice.
Breakpoints in the windows client works as expected.

I start the application from the windows client (marked as startup project)
and would expect the webservice to stop at its breakpoint, but it does not. I
can see a questionmark in the left margin of the webservice vb codepage
immediately after pressing F5. I have tried to break on many different
codelines, none of them work.

I have included aspnet in the group "De *** users" in Local Users and
Groups (Control panel).

The build configuration is set to debug everywhere in VS 2003.

Where am I wrong?



Cannot break on codelines in webservice

Post by SlAuU2tsZW » Sun, 19 Dec 2004 07:51:03

Set a breakpoint in your windows application prior to the ws call. Then
while on that breakpoint select the Tools -> Debug Processes menu option in
the IDE. Select the aspnet_wp.exe and select attach. Hit f11 to step into
the ws call.

Basically you have two processes running: the process hosting your winforms
app (since winform is set as your default project the de *** attaches to it
by default) and the aspnet_wp.exe (which is the process that your web service
runs in). You have to explicitly attach to the aspnet_wp.exe in order to hit
ws breakpoints.


Cannot break on codelines in webservice

Post by dverm » Sat, 08 Jan 2005 12:12:05

You can also step into the web service call from the client, which should attach to the service process. After this, the breakpoint will hit just fine for the rest of the
debugging session.

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