Config corruption? - PDB files not being loaded after recompile

Config corruption? - PDB files not being loaded after recompile

Post by Alec MacLe » Tue, 11 Sep 2007 20:28:53

his morning I followed up on my earlier attempt to "clean" the solution
files completely by copying all content to a holding area, then recreating
the entire solution again, only pasting back in the content files (aspx
pages, images, flash, etc) from the holding area, then adding the required
references and resources to the individual projects settings and the root
web.config where required.

This meant the project and solution files were all "as new".

I then recompiled each project (right-click -> Build) to generate the DLL's
in the root Bin folder.

I then set a breakpoint in one sub-project I'm currently working on. The
problem still manifested itself, with no code changes occuring.

I then "removed" all except three projects from the solution and tried
again. This time it worked - all remaining PDB files seem to load.

I then "added existing project" to the solution, adding each of the removed
projects one at a time, then running (F5) after each re-attached project (no
code changing or recompilation required). Each time it worked as it should,
allowing me to access the sub-project's breakpoint. This was without any
code changes occuring, so the associated PDB file has not changed.

I then made a very simple change (add a simple string var declaration) in
the sub-project in order to force a change to that projects debug symbols
file, and then re-ran the solution. Again I got the problem of the studio
going unresponsive and IE just waiting for content to load (which won't

I then found that If I removed and re-added just one of the sub-projects
(didn't matter which one) AFTER the sub-project recompilation, then
everthing would operate again OK. It is important to re-add the existing
project - just removing it doesn't seem to force VS to reload the new PDB
for some reason, whereas the remove + add process does.

If anyone can shed light on this behaviour by VS I'd be mighty grateful!



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