What version of Server 2003 do I need for Teamsystem?

What version of Server 2003 do I need for Teamsystem?

Post by QWxmZXR0YT » Sat, 13 Aug 2005 02:46:12

We are planning on upgrading a couple of 2k servers for our software

We are looking forward to using Teamsystem (whenever it's actually
released). We want to be able to do intranet webhosting and some file
serving, but other than that, we aren't doing anything significant regarding
active directory/domain serving, etc. (Other servers handled by our IT dept
are taking care of those functions.)

So is Server 2003 standard edition enough, or do I need web edition if I'm
going to be doing the intranet webhosting. I think Enterprise is overkill.

Thanks in advance.

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