"Unspecified error" in VS .NET 2003 with Merant Version Manager SCCP

"Unspecified error" in VS .NET 2003 with Merant Version Manager SCCP

Post by mdrayma » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 08:30:03


First some background:
I am migrating many software projects from INTERSOLV's old PVCS
version control software v6.0 to Serena's Merant Version Manager v8.0.
After the conversion of the projects, I have been opening up the
solutions in MS Visual Studio .NET 2003 to make sure that all of the
source control bindings and settings are correct so that "Get", "Check
out", and "Check In" operations will all work properly. All of these
projects were being maintained in PVCS v6.0 using MS VS .NET 2003,
just for your information.

The Problem:
The problem I'm seeing is only with some of the projects that I have
migrated to the new version of the source control software, but never
with other projects. When I open up the solution in MS VS .NET 2003
there are some errors and dialog boxes that need to be navigated in
order to change the source control bindings to point to the new source
control software project database. Now, in the normal IDE window, I
chose File => Source Control => Change Source Control... In this
dialog box, I use the "Browse" button to reconnect the .SLN file to
the actual source control project. After clicking OK, I close the
solution and cancel any "Check In" attempts. When I re-open some of
these solutions, they work OK in that I see a "Get" dialog box pop up
offering me to get the latest versions of the project files. When
opening the solutions that have problems, every one of them DO NOT
have the "Get" dialog box pop up, but rather present me with a very
useless dialog box that simply states "Unspecified error". That's all
it says. This happens with certain projects everytime I open their
solutions and this NEVER happens with other projects that always have
the "Get" dialog box pop up upon opening the solution.

I have researched this problem of the "Unspecified error" and I know
it has to do with the source control interface somehow, but nothing in
the Internet News Groups that I could find has helped me at all. If
anyone out there could offer me some help to solve this problem, it
would be greatly appreciated. I can provide much more detailed
descriptions of my actions if necessary upon request. I just wanted
to keep it somewhat brief at first.

Thank you all in advance for your help.'

Michael D. Rayman
Keithley Instruments, Inc.

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