Deploy ASP.NET App - ASP.NET not Installed

Deploy ASP.NET App - ASP.NET not Installed

Post by QmlsbCBNYW » Mon, 28 Nov 2005 12:21:02

I want to create a setup project that for an ASP.NET application that can be
run by a customer that does not have the .NET Framework or ASP.NET already
installed. I have already seen articles on including the .NET Framework and
MDAC in a Visual Studio 2003 Setup and Deployment project using the .NET
Framework Boostrapper Plugin.

The piece that is missing is that if the .NET Framework is missing when IIS
is installed, ASP.NET will not be present. I want to assume that this is the
situation my customers are facing. I would like to include all of the pieces
in a single setup. Is there a way to do this using aVisual Studio 2003 Setup
and Deployment project?


Bill Manring

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