Error with Windows Common Control 6.0 (SP 6) - Tree View Control

Error with Windows Common Control 6.0 (SP 6) - Tree View Control

Post by U291cmFiaC » Tue, 11 Oct 2005 20:53:01

This is with respect to a problem with the Microsoft Windows Common Controls
6.0 (SP 6) - Tree View control.

Version being used:

Problem Description
We have some machines with Windows XP and Service pack 2 installed. While
running a visual basic application which uses the above mentioned control, it
throws an error nvalid Key We found that the error is when we add a node
in the tree view. Following is the code snippet being used:

1. Dim nodNode As Node
2. Dim sRelative As String

3. sRelative = "R"
4. tvRCMeas.Nodes.Add , , sRelative, arent Node
5. Set nodNode = tvRCMeas.Nodes.Add(sRelative, tvwChild, sRelative & 00
hild Node

The error is on the Line number: 5
But the error does not come on all machines. Some other machines also have
Windows XP and Service Pack 2 and are running fine.

Please get back with any solution/suggestions/ideas for this problem. An
immediate response will be appreciated.

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