TextBox data binding in VS 2005

TextBox data binding in VS 2005

Post by eWJj » Mon, 01 Aug 2005 09:01:01


In VS 6.0 all TextBoxs in a form can be bound to a data source(recordset) as
the following code:

Dim oText As TextBox
'Bind the text boxes to the Recordset
For Each oText In Me.txtFields
Set oText.DataSource = rs

Is there a similar way in VS 2005 to bind all textboxs to a data source
(DataReader) rather than bind them one by one with the method
TextBox.DataBindings.Add(New Binding(ext DataReader, ieldname)?

Thanks in advance.


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I have a base form for performing searches. The base form has a protected
BindingSource object called searchResultsBindingSource.

On my derived forms (for example, CompanySearch), I instantiate a dataset
and set the base form's binding source to the dataset with no problem.

On one particular form, however, I have child tables; when I set the child
BindingSource object's DataSource to searchResultsBindingSource, then set the
child BindingSource object's DataMember property to the name of the
relationship to use, the designer gives me an error about "DataMember
property 'xxx' cannot be found on DataSource."

The form works perfectly fine when I run the application; the problem is
that, once I wire up the BindingSources, I lose the ability to edit the
derived form in the designer. Am I doing anything wrong, or is this a
limitation of the designer?

Jim Tilson

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