Visual Basic Confused

Visual Basic Confused

Post by TWFybG » Mon, 19 Nov 2007 08:42:00

I have a program I am currently working on. I have a user interface that has
a panel. Inside the panel has a button and this button has to bounce off of
the walls of this panel. I have tried many things and my button just bounces
on the left side top of the panel. Please help

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I am trying to build a very simple loop to compare columns of data in excel.
I am not an experienced programmer but I am trying to learn enough to write
this code. The problem is, none of the examples in online tutorials match
the software menu options in the Visual Basic Editor I open through the
tools/macro submenu. For example, the tutorial may recommend opening the
file menu and selecting new program, but in the tutorial this option does not
even exist. Furthermore, any code I have attempted to write, even when it is
directly copied from very basic examples, crashes from syntax errors. Are
there tutorials that match the Excel module of VB so that I can get started??

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