How do I get vs2k5 to "run" a .wsf file when I'm debugging?

How do I get vs2k5 to "run" a .wsf file when I'm debugging?

Post by cHJlZGF0b3 » Sat, 02 Jun 2007 07:29:01

I have a C# project that is just an object. I added in a .wsf file that I
want to use to play with this object for debugging. I can set breakpoints
inside the .wsf file, but how do I tell vs2k5 that when I'm debugging it
should launch THIS file and allow me to start stepping over breakpoints in it?

I can blindly add in "wscript.exe MyTestFile.wsf" on the debug tab, but it
just blindly launches this off without connecting it back to the .wsf file
I'm editing inside vs2k5.

Does this make sense?


tima at predator dash software dot com

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I would like to know how to include a .wsf file in another .wsf file.

Here is the problem I wish to solve:

I have 25 .js script files which are separated into those 25 files so that
they are easy to maintain and reusable. Some of those .js files call
functions in others, so there are some interdependencies going on.

I have 15 instances, across various machines, of .wsf job files that use the
25 .js file mentioned above.

If I make a change to the 25 .js file library that results in a new .js file
being created, not only do I have to deploy the libray to the various
machines but I have to change the 15 instances of .wsf files to include the
new .js file.

Question: How can I change the .wsf files out there (once and for all) to
include just one file (deployed with the .js file library), and have that one
file include the 25 (or 26) files in the library?

A solution here would help me avoid future massive embarrassment and also
guard against failures where people are using their own variant of the .wsf
files that I don't know about (which I'm cool with).


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