navigate bar doesn't always navigate??

navigate bar doesn't always navigate??

Post by Steve Alpe » Sat, 07 Aug 2004 01:26:23

sometimes it just sits there. If I then go into options/C++ and clear
it, and then options/C++ add it, it works again!

grumble... is this a known bug?


Steve Alpert
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I'm working in VB.Net (2003) and have two Web Browser controls on a form.
WebBrowser1 I point to a page with a list of links via

While WebBrowser1.Busy
End While

Then, using the DOM I pick out the links of interest, and navigate to them
in the second browser like so:

For each lnk in WebBrowser1.Links
While WebBrowser2.Busy
End While
...Grab elements of interest here...

This ALMOST works. The lnk.href contains the expected links, it cycles
through the 30 or so that are on the page. But the Navigate only works to the
first URL I point it to. The "Grab elements" grabs the elements from the
first href each time. So I get 30 copies of the content of the first link's

How do I convince WebBrowser2 to move on to the new URL?

Carey Parks
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