64 bit support missing in Visual Studio 2005 standard.

64 bit support missing in Visual Studio 2005 standard.

Post by Olaf Baeye » Fri, 01 Apr 2005 23:03:11

I just looked at the new Visual Studio 2005 versions and pricing and I was
planning to buy the Windows XP 64 bit next month to be prepared when Visual
Studio 2005 comes out so I can start creating 64 bit programs, and 64 bit
bit .NET programs.

Big was my supprise that only the Visual Studio 2005 professional and up
would include 64 bit. Meaning that it cost me $800 for 64 bit. This is
waaaaaaaayyyyy too expensive, for my personal budget to experiment with 64
bit, even the Standard editions with price $300 is at my maximum limit.

I hope that Microsoft decides to include it in the Standard edition too so
that normal hobbyist and developers like me that also wants to do stuff at
home, with lower budget than in my company can also start to create 64 bit
code. This way more 64 bit programs will come out and makes the transition
to Windows XP 64 bit worth while.But if the Standard does not come out with
64 bit support then I will stick with Windows XP 32 bit and only buy the
Visual Studio 2005 Express edition.

I would not mind that they would remove the optimization options like they
did in the Visual Studio 2003 as long as I can create 64 bit. Especially 64
bit .NET programs.

Just my opinion.