redist error

redist error

Post by Larry » Thu, 10 Apr 2008 23:30:02

I'm trying to run the vcredist_x86 for VS2008 on a Windows Embedded XP
device. I've monitored it and the 'install' that it extracts with 'depends'
and don't find any missing DLLs. I finally discovered that there's a log in
the 'temp' directory and everything in it looks fine up until it tries to
create the ELUA page. Here is the section of messages. Why would it have a
problem and how can I find out what to do to get it to work?:

[04/09/08,21:23:58] Windows Installer version ok
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Finished Checking Windows Installer version. Return code
[04/09/08,21:23:58] PREREQ CHECK: : Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0
[04/09/08,21:23:58] PREREQ CHECKS: Passed
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Running block checks
[04/09/08,21:23:58] BETA CHECK: Passed
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Entering CNavigator::WindowCreation
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Entering CNavigator::LoadPages
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Entering CMsiInstaller::IsInstalled
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Entering CMsiInstaller::GetProductCode
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Leaving CMsiInstaller::GetProductCode
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Leaving CMsiInstaller::IsInstalled
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Created Page: Welcome Page
[04/09/08,21:23:58] ***ERROR EVENT*** : CEulaPage creation failed!
[04/09/08,21:23:58] ***ERROR EVENT*** : LoadPages() failed!
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Leaving CNavigator::Start
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Process returning code 0
[04/09/08,21:23:58] Pending Reboot Table state : Logging start

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2. VFP8 InstallShield fatal error with GDI Plus Redist module

Hello everyone:

I'm running VFP 8.0 on XP Pro. (I also have VFP 6 installed). I've used
InstallShield for VFP to create a Setup.EXE for my small stand-alone EXE.
Setup.EXE runs successfully on my test machines.

But afterwards I can't run my program! My Win95 box runs it OK, but another
WinXP Pro box reports "Visual Foxpro cannot start. Could not load

I've tried including these merge modules in InstallShield
- Microsoft C++ Runtime Library 7.0
- Microsoft Visual Foxpro 8 Runtime Libraries

Today on a tip from a newsgroup post I tried adding in merge module
- Microsoft GDI+
but now InstallShield won't build, reporting "
** Fatal Error: Error merging GDI Plus Redist module with module ID
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Merge Modules\VFP_GDIPlus.msm

I have recopied VFP_GDIPlus.msm from the installation CD, but it made no

Any ideas?

Niels Reinholdt

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