problem using with crystal reports not picking up data in trusted connection

problem using with crystal reports not picking up data in trusted connection

Post by Jonathan C » Fri, 08 Jan 2010 02:48:00


We have been running a .Net 2003 application for a number of years and it
works great
The database is SQL Server 2000 and the connection "integrated security"
The thing runs over Citrix

There are a number of reports which are fed in two ways
One: by sending the data to the report
rptroutemanifest.Load(reportFolder + "repLabel.rpt")
Dim dt As DataTable = .....

Two: by sending the log in data to the report
For Each tbCurrent In rptroutemanifest.Database.Tables
tliCurrent = tbCurrent.LogOnInfo
With tliCurrent.ConnectionInfo
.ServerName = connServer
.UserID = connUser
.Password = connPassword
.DatabaseName = connDatabase
End With
Next tbCurrent
Both methods have been working for years. The username and passsword are

Recently we created a test system and test database. These were exact
copies, and we ran the
set up programme for the application. They are both on the same server. We
found that the reports using the first method worked ok
but those using the second method failed to print any data (though
parameters passed through for display
purposes suceeded) We tried creating a SQL server user and password and
using that but it made no difference.
When we run the system locally we get no problems with the reports.

I am afraid I have no idea why this is so. I have changed some of the
reports to use the first method but
this is not possible with subreports. I am at a loss what bto do. I don't
have access to the servers
but am assured that the permissions are identical.

I would be grateful for any help