Can't check-in files

Can't check-in files

Post by Alex » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 12:44:10

For some reason, I can't check-in files.

We normally keep files checked out in the working
directory and after making changes there, check them in,
but leave them checked out. Using VSS 6.0c.

Recently when we try to perform a checkin, nothing gets
checked in, no error is reported, but no new files are
checked in. I cab do a Diff between files in VSS and the
working directory and see a difference, but those files
aren't checked in.

I recently completed an analyze, had some corrupted files,
fixed them, but to no avail. The computer's Administrator
user, with full prvileges runs VSS and VSS Admin runs
under user admin.

A see some things that look funny. but don't know if
they're related:

1. In logging in to VSS admin the admin user is the
default, is greyed out, and can't be changed? shouldn't I
bee able to choose to log in as another user?
2. The VSS journal log shows that sometimes files were
checked in as Administrator and sometimes as Admin. I
understand how this works with Administrator since that is
how I log in to the computer, but I don't understand how
this works with Admin since there is no admin user on the
computer and admin is only a Vss Admin user. Would this
cause a problem if one or the other users originally
checked them out and now another is trying to check them
3. I ran Analyze from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual
Studio\Common\VSS\win32 and I believe there was a MS
Knowledgebase base article I later found that said not to
run it there because it would cause some problems with 32-
bit something or other. What is the problem and what
should I do about it?

Can't check-in files

Post by Jim » Sun, 07 Dec 2003 00:56:38

Answer to #1) No, you can't log into the ssadmin tool as
anyone but Admin, thats why the user field is greyed out.

Answer to #2) You seem to be getting the relationship
between Administrator and Admin confused a bit?
Administrator is a User on your machine. Admin (unless
you've changed the Administrator account name on the
machine to Admin) is just a User in VSS. VSS Admin can
log into both the VSS program as a regular user and do
anything a regular user can do (and probably a bit more
depending on your database settings) and can also log
into the ssadmin tool to perform maintenance.

So I think my answer to #2 should answer specifically
your question as Yes -

"Would this cause a problem if one or the other users
originally checked them out and now another is trying to
check them in?"



Can't check-in files

Post by Alex » Sun, 07 Dec 2003 13:25:44

Jim, thanks for your response. You solved my problem.

Basically, if one VSS user checks out projects and files
it looks like that same user must check them in. Another
user can choose to checkin these checked out files in VSS
Explorer but isn't able to and gets no message about an
unsuccessful checkout. You can tell that it was
unsuccesful because the dates of VSS project files that
you know were changed don't update.

Can't check-in files

Post by Weston Mor » Tue, 09 Dec 2003 15:10:27

owever, the Admin user can undo checkouts from any other user - a nice
feature if someone has files checked out and leaves for a 2 week vacation
(or is fired).


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