Deleting files prevents building labled versions..

Deleting files prevents building labled versions..

Post by jprat » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 23:45:07

I have a project labeled A.2 in VSS, works fine.

Our build is automated, command line driven. When we do a get we pass
in a label (i.e. A.2) or nothing, passing in nothing simply gets the

Now we make some changes and a file called process.cpp is no longer
needed in the project.

However, when we do the get via the command line we are still checking
it out. This particuar file conflicts with a .NET file called

If I delete process.cpp from VSS I can no longer build A.2. But if I
don't delete it I can not build my project on .NET

How do I delete a file in VSS such that it stays around for projects
it has been labeled for?

Deleting files prevents building labled versions..

Post by Joe Master » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 10:29:06

It should just be there when you get the old label. It should not be written
to the local directory when you do a get on the current version. Post the
command lines you're using in the batch file (with the proper substitutions)
and I'll see if I can duplicate the problem.

Deleted (not purged) files should only exist in older labeled versions of
the project. So what it sounds like you're seeing doesn't make sense. No
problem like this has been reported recently, and there are enough users
probably using similar functionality, that it may just be a use issue.