A problem about reconnecting a file from VC6 to source safe!

A problem about reconnecting a file from VC6 to source safe!

Post by Ulrich Eck » Thu, 02 Sep 2004 16:10:02

1. remove the file from your VC6 project
2. move the file to the right location using the VSS Explorer
No, dragging with the left mouse-button does something else, use the right
3. get the latest version of the file
Needed so the moved file appears in the new location.
4. add the file from the new location to your VC6 project
I don't remember if it will automatically detect that the file is already in
VSS, but at latest if you try to add it, VC6 will prompt 'an item with that
name already exists, connect with it?'.

Optionally delete the file from the old location.


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2. Printing report b after report a prints using report a's variables

I have a report (Report A). When it runs, it ask a question which selects
what report to run. This works fine.

I have another report (Report B). When it runs, it doens't ask questions by
design and returns all "inventory". There is a table in Report B that
references Report A.

I need to run Report A, inputing what report I want to run... (ex. 200).
From there, on print, need to run Report B with the selection variables from
Report A(ex. 200) if there were matching records.

So, Report A would print #200's information. If there were "inventory"
items that referenced #200, it would print the Inventory information included
in Report B.

Do I use Macros? If so, what do I build it on? Do I have to use custom code?

Thank you in advance!

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