Windows 2000 Domain Renaming - NetBios Domain Name same as DNS Domain Name

Windows 2000 Domain Renaming - NetBios Domain Name same as DNS Domain Name

Post by news.micro » Thu, 30 Sep 2004 23:11:40

I went through the q Article on changing the domain name Q292541, but ran
into problems near the end of the installation of the NT BDC. The
Replication Fails! I have tried everything to include NLTEST, NETDOM, making
changes to the Object in ADSI. Etc.. see the articles below. It looks like
the BDC joined the 2000 Domain but fails during the replication between the
PDC Emulator and the BDC.

Once the Replication fails, you can log into the BDC with the Administrator
account with no password even though the Domain Administrator account does
have one. The Netlogon Service fails to start and manual attempts to start
give the Access Denied (Error 0005). When you use Server Manager on a 2000
Domain Controller, the newly created BDC (whether is was created in Domain
Controllers OU in AD or using Server Manager), is grayed out. When you
remove the BDC from the Domain in Server Manger, it changes from Backup
Server to a Workstation and turns BLUE. The Domain is in MIXED Mode.

The reason for the domain name change is b/c the previous admin used the
same old NT NetBIOS Domain Name as the DNS Domain name, leaving no room for
a Hierarchical Structure. I am trying to add a child domain but the DNS
lookup fails because the Forest Domain name is wrong.

Any suggestions on how to the BDC to sync up with the 2000 domain?

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Thanks in advance.

Ron Paskowski


Windows 2000 Domain Renaming - NetBios Domain Name same as DNS Domain Name

Post by Mark Ramey » Sat, 02 Oct 2004 06:59:17

ry the following:

1) Delete any account for the NT4 BDC that you may have already created.
2) Open the old Server Manager on the 2000 PDC by going to Start - Run -
3) Go Ciomputer - Add to domain - Windows NT Backup Domain Controller and
specify the name of the machine.
4) Reinstall the BDC and add it to the domain. You may need to either have
WINS running or a lmhosts file on the local BDC to get it to join the domain
and sync.

Hope this helps

Mark Ramey [MSFT]

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