DHCP Works for NT 4 Server Install But Not NT 4 BDC

DHCP Works for NT 4 Server Install But Not NT 4 BDC

Post by Will » Mon, 01 Aug 2005 12:30:52

I need to install a temporary NT4 BDC controller in order to migrate some
ancient hardware that runs the PDC of an NT4 domain to Windows 2000 and
Active Directory. The problem I have is that when doing the installation
of NT4 on new hardware, DHCP fails when I select BDC as the install type.
However if I try to install an NT4 member server, then DHCP works just fine
and the install proceeds without a hitch. The server boots and works on
the network just fine.

NT4 member servers cannot be upgraded to become BDCs. You must re-run the
entire Windows NT4 install and specify BDC as your target for the install.
So what would cause this odd behavior, and is there anything I can do that
would defer the need to bring the network up until some point after the
overall install is finished? I'm sure I could get DHCP to work fine once
the BDC install is complete, but it cannot complete because DHCP won't work
during the BDC install. It's a catch 22 and I don't see a way out.

Any ideas?

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DHCP Works for NT 4 Server Install But Not NT 4 BDC

Post by Herb Marti » Mon, 01 Aug 2005 18:44:42


What does DHCP had to do with the BDC for the purpose of upgrade?

Use a manual address for the temporary BDC's IP address.


Right, and the PDC must be online and reachable at the time of the
BDC install.

No, since the wanna-be-BDC must contact the PDC (on the net) to become
a BDC. You must use a manual address in this case.


Normally a ?DC should not use a DHCP assigned address on it's main NIC

Use a manual address. Nothing to it.

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