R.com, T.com, Regedit.com, taskmgr.com in Winnt directory - what are these files?

R.com, T.com, Regedit.com, taskmgr.com in Winnt directory - what are these files?

Post by 2000questi » Thu, 23 Mar 2006 07:57:15

I have a load of files dated 6/19/2003 and timestamped 2:05 PM?
I have Windows 2000 pro. I downloaded a program recommended on
Dslreports.com called Superantispyware. It said I had a file called
Taskmgr.com in in Winnt and gave this warning:


On the date listed above I see 2000 files created in my OS directories.


The strange files that I can't find any info on are


I'm told that Regedit.com and taskmgr.com shouldn't have been created.
T.com and taskmgr.com were in the system32 subdirectory.
R.com and regedit.com were in the Winnt directory.

I moved those files to a temp directory for deletion. I also see a
command.com in there. What MS-Dos com files should I have with Win2000
pro? Were the above files created with a service pack update or my
download of Admin tools from Microsoft? I've submitted them to
http://www.yqcomputer.com/ , and
they came up clean.

Just as an aside, not only does spyware and viruses drive a person crazy,
but so does the multitude of programs out there to combat it. Some find
things,others don't, while still others either give you false positives
or plant their own malware on the drive. Why can't Microsoft just create
the ultimate Anti-Virus, Firewall and Anti-Spyware programs that have the
largest databases with the largest and best forums? I seem to spend
more time doing Google searches for strange dll and exe files, checking
ports using TCPview and open processes than I do anything else. There's
got to be a way to protect the 65,536 ports.

I'm posting this to other groups as I need the most input I can find.
Please excuse the crossposting.