windows 2000 and sql server 2000 slow copy processes!

windows 2000 and sql server 2000 slow copy processes!

Post by Lee » Sun, 29 Feb 2004 01:07:12

We have installed windows 2000 advanced server SP4
everything was running fine until we installed Sql 2000
and now the file copy times are now ten times as slow!

Does anyone know how to fix this?


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I have an weird situation and need help configuring SQLMAIL. First off
I am running my SQL server with the local system account. I have
OUTLOOK 2000 installed, configured with a mail profile and can access
my exchange server/mail using a domain account.

I DO NOT want to run my SQL SERVER Service using the domain account.
Is there a way to configure SQL MAIL still. When I try to configure I
get this error "Error: 18025: xp_test_mapi_profile : failed with mail
error ..", which, I am pretty sure is due SQL service running under a
local account.

Is there a way around this situation. As always any help would be
greatly appreciated.


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