Error 1926 when installing programs

Error 1926 when installing programs

Post by Barr » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 04:53:09

It seems like every time I go to install some Microsoft
application now on Win 2000 I get the following message.
Error 1926. Could not set file security for file c:\config.msi\
Error 5. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to
modify the security permissions for this file.

There is a work around I have found for Office but it
happens now on almost everything I try to install and I'm
ready to go to some other system.

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Dear Uncle Bill,
When using your Office XP Pro, it was installed without
problems. All programs in OfficeXP work properly.
However, I have tried to update it and can not. I then
tried to delete it (for a re-install) and can not. I get
a message referencing Error Code 1926 and setting file
config.msi. It references permission, but I have tried to
install as both computer and domain administrator.

HELP!.... Microsoft has no listing ANYWHERE for Error code
1926 and Office installs.

Thank you. I lookforwad to your E-mail at the sanitarium.


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