Events not shown

Events not shown

Post by ali mahmoo » Fri, 15 Aug 2003 16:36:58

when i open the Event viewer the "system log" is selected and the counter
show 1,955 event(s) but it not show me any of events.
then when i select any other categories counter is "0" and the "system log"
but after refreshing the counter is correct and some categories show it's
events (no system log, no application log,no directory service)
what is the problem and solution?

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I input many events in Calendar for several months. Recently, I found many
events on March were not shown on "Calendar view". However, if I click
individual day on the calendar. I can see the event I inputted.

Also, if I change the view to "All Events" or "Current Events" view, I can
see all event I inputted.

Also, after I input a new event on "Calendar view" it shows the new event
and all events I inputted before. The events will disappear again after I
visit other pages and back to the "Calendar view".

Is there any index problem on my data or other issue?

Many Thanks

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