uninstall office 2003 and reinstall on a different system

uninstall office 2003 and reinstall on a different system

Post by mshanaha » Sat, 01 May 2004 13:17:51

I have copy of Microsoft office 2003 installed on my HP
laptop. This system needs to be shipped for repair. I
want to uninstall office 2003 pro and install it on my
desktop where I will do all my work. I have office xp on
my desktop and want to switch that to the laptop when it
is returned. The copy of office 2003 is the one given to
IT professionals that went to the office 2003 rollout.
It is only valid on 1 system. The question is how do I
uninstall office 2003 so that microsoft knows about it,
and I can install it on my desktop? (I will also need to
do the same thing with office XP from my desktop--Office
XP is a full licensed version, not an upgrade.)

thanks in advance.

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I am trying to uninstall office 2003 from a laptop remotely (the user I am
supporting is in another province). I tried to detect and repair excel from
the laptop as I could not open and print a spreadsheet. However the detect
and repair would not finish (after sitting there for more than 1 hour). I
rebooted the computer and logged into the computer and tired to uninstall
Office 2003 completely. The uninstall would not work, as the computer
reported back to me that a previous detect and repair or install operation
was still in progress so I selected the roll back option. The unistall
process also hung up after more than 1 hour of waiting with no disk activity.
I then tried to re-install office 2003 and I noticed the same problem
(previous install or uninstall was still in progress, do you want to undo
that operation, I selected yes). The install of office 2003 hung up for
another hour or so. I then rebooted the computer and looked to see if office
2003 was intalled and it was. I then tired to print the pages that were not
working before from an excel spreadsheet and it worked. I think the error
message during the install was 17XX (maybe 1763 or 1772, the uninstall cannot
be completed as a previous operation was waiting to be completed) and there
was another message during the unistall, one of the office files were missing
and could not be detected during the uninstall. What I really need to know
is, can Office 2003 be cleaned up and re-installed if any other problems

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