Completely Remove Office CD1 on Windows 2000

Completely Remove Office CD1 on Windows 2000

Post by Max » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 01:40:44

We have a computer that, when running certain reports in
Access 2000, produces the error "MSACCESS.exe has
generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will
need to restart the program. An error log is being
created". Per KBA 248790, I am going to completely remove
Office and all leftover files (none of the other
suggestions from this KBA worked), then try reinstalling
Office. Using KBA 252566, I have been going over the
procedures and am a little confused. I've gotten as far as
step 5 (once again, I am previewing the procedures) where
it says to "delete the files in the following folders".
Since there is no "Windows Folder" on Win 2k, I am going
on the understanding the document is referring to the
Winnt folder; but the first file listed -
Ipsecpa.Log.Last - is in C:\Winnt\Debug. Is this the file
to delete? The same is true for Oakley.Log.Sav. Next, the
document says to delete files from the Windows\System
Folder. Comdlg16.ocx exists in C:\Winnt\System, but
Ctl3dv2.dll appears in C:\Winnt\System AND
C:\Winnt\System32. Do I delete them both? And a similar
confusion exists for Exsndopt.Hlp since is appears ONLY in
C:\Winnt\System32. Should that one be deleted?

I am doing my preview of the procedures on a computer that
has not yet had Office uninstalled (using Add/Remove
Programs). The operating system is Windows 2000 SP3.

If someone could please clarify the steps for completely
removing Office 2000 from a Win 2k computer, I would
greatly appreciate it.