Dfrgntfs.exe has generated errors......

Dfrgntfs.exe has generated errors......

Post by Bob » Fri, 10 Oct 2003 00:45:13

do a chkdsk on the D: partition

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All of a sudden, If I have not touched the PC for around 15 minutes, I
noticed my hard drive starts whirring like mad ... Obviously a bit concerned
over that as I've not installed anything new for a while, I opened up Task
Manager to see what was there. The next time it occured, I noticed that two
new processes had sprung to life, namely;

"defrag.exe" and "dfrgntfs.exe"

Now, I presume these have something to do with disk management or
defragmentation, but as I use Diskkeeper Pro 8 for this, I've not set either
of these to run (nothing is in the Task Scheduler to start these off).

Any idea what these are and why they keep wanting to run every time the PC
sits idle? Were these both enabled following a recent Windows Update? and
can I turn them off as it's rather annoying !!

Many thanks !

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