How do i get the Legacy name

How do i get the Legacy name

Post by Iona Wilso » Fri, 19 Sep 2003 07:51:05

You can also pull this attribute using ADSIEdit; it's easier and it has a
slightly nicer GUI to look at.
ADSIEdit and LDP are installed from the Win2k Support tools so make sure you
have that installed first (get that from the w2k cd)
Once installed go to start-programs-windows 2000 support
expand the following container:

Configuration Container - Configuration - Services - Microsoft Exchange -
name of your organization

Under the org name you should see Administrative Groups. Right click on it
and go to properties. From there you can look for the legacyexchangedn

If you want to know how to use LDP let me know and I'll explain that one

Hope that helps!

Iona Wilson
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2. Which sound card for a legacy-only DOS computer?

Sorry if this is a FAQ - if there's a document or something addressing this
issue already, I'll be grateful if someone can point me to it.

There's a lot of great games that I remember from my youth (Rocky's Boots,
Robot Odyssey, Star Flight I/II, Star Control 2, most Lucas Arts games, etc.
etc.) that I'd like to be able to play again, and also introduce to my
children. (hey, they're low-res but they're still fun! :-) )

Rather than tearing my hair out trying to get DOS and DOS sound emulation
working under WinXP, I think I'll just take my old P-166 and build a legacy
machine out of it. It'll probably run DOS 6.22 and maybe Win3.1. Might
even put a 5.25" drive in it just for kicks.

So I'm wondering, what soundcard would be the most compatible for old games
running in a pure DOS environment? Obviously I could get an old original
AdLib or Soundblaster for total compatibility, but I'd really like to get
the last, greatest DOS-based soundcard that was well-supported by games
before the Windows 95 era.

What would that be? Looking around on eBay, I see things like :

- SoundBlaster Pro (CT1600)
- A bunch of SoundBlaster 16 varieties (SB 16 Basic, SB 16 Pro, SB 16 Value,
SB 16 ASP)
- SoundBlaster 32 and AWE32
- SoundBlaster AWE64

etc. Obviously the quality improves as you go on through the history of
Creative's cards, but I don't want to get a card that sounds great under
game X but gives up downward compatibility such that game Y can't work with
it or can only work unreliably.

I hope that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

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