Exchange not forwarding emails

Exchange not forwarding emails

Post by Sean » Fri, 23 Jan 2004 04:34:15

Our Exchange server seems to have stopped forwarding
emails to external email address. This has worked
previously. I have set up contacts in AD and have the
mail forwarded to the contacts. I have no idea why this
stopped working but users are complaining that they are
not receiving their emails at their AOL accounts. We
have recently installed September 2003 Exchange 2000
Server Post-Service Pack 3 Rollup (Microsoft Knowledge
Base Article - 824282). I am not sure if this has
anything to do with it.


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Hi there,

Yesterday we rebooted our sbs2003 server and are now having trouble with

The email is being received into Exchange but is not forwarding to the
client mailboxes. The clients can conect to exchange with no problem and all
the services are running. There's nothing I can see in the error logs and
there are no items in the queues.

Email sent internally is delivered OK and outbound emails are sent. It's
just internal distribution of externally reveived emails that's the problem.

Has anyone any ideas please?


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