OWA 2003 not working after upgrade to Windows 2003 - please help

OWA 2003 not working after upgrade to Windows 2003 - please help

Post by Olive » Sat, 07 Feb 2004 22:45:31

Hello, Exchange 2003 (and OWA) on both FE and BE Windows 2000 servers has
been running fine.

After upgrading the backend server to Windows 2003, OWA now doesn't work,
even if trying to access te server directly for OWA. The Outlook client
works fine against it, so I don't think it's an Exchange problem.

This appears in the browser:
HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable

I've tried removing the virtual directories and deleting the meta data entry
using MetaEdit 2.2, then restarting services.

Thanks for any help,

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Hi all.

I have an existing installed Windows 2003 Server Standard box. I've got the
license for Enterprise and wish to change this to an Enterprise box (I use
its Fax service, want to use more than 4 ports).

I know that I can go through the whole rigmarole of an upgrade install, and
everything should work okay, but I'm thinking there must be a "quick and
dirty" way to accomplish this - copying over a quick something or other, or
running some little utility, or...

I'm hoping anyways!

Thanks in advance.


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