Public Folder Permissions - brand new folder still not right

Public Folder Permissions - brand new folder still not right

Post by Mike Wegne » Fri, 29 Aug 2003 01:24:47

The permissions one of my Public Folders (all contact item) has been giving
me trouble for months. People that should have Editor access have not been
able to make changes and the items are coming up as Read-Only. Even after
reading and trying all the Microsoft articles that dealt with MAPI vs ExIFS
permission I wasn't able to fix anything until I made a completely new
folder and then moved the contents of the first folder into the new one. At
the time this seemed to work but now I have the same issue again and making
a new Public Folder did not work at all and whenever someone who should have
Editor privilege accesses the folder each contact opens as read only and the
user gets the "Your changes could not be saved because you don't have
permission to modify some or all of the items in this folder. Do you want to
save a copy of this item in the default folder for the item?" error.

The new folder I made is top level only to the "All Public Folders" tree, so
as I understand it I shouldn't be inheriting any permissions, should I?

I am looking for any help or opinions what so ever.

Exchange 2000 SP3 on Windows 2000 SP3