OWA / iisadmpwd / asp -- Information missing between aex2b.asp and achg.asp

OWA / iisadmpwd / asp -- Information missing between aex2b.asp and achg.asp

Post by Stacey Dil » Fri, 14 Oct 2005 06:16:04

If I go directly to https://xxx.edu/iisadmpwd/aexp2b.asp . . . the change
password feature works.

If I start OWA and click change password I go to


fill in the data . . . . click ok I gen Object not found.

I added some display statements to the achg.asp file.
When going directly to the site and filling in the form in aexp2b.asp the
domain, account and passwords all transfer to the achg.asp file.

When useing exchange to access aexp2b NONE of the data goes to the achg.asp
file and the asachg.asp pulls in the machine name since it could not find
the domain and of course since there is no user name or password either it
can not find the user object.

This is occuring on a freshly created exchange 2003 server with sp1 running
on windows 2003 with sp1.

I am at my limit with asp just adding the display statements. What do I need
to do to exchange to to get the data to move from aexp2b to achg??

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I am not sure if this is the correct news group for this question, so please
let me know I should post someplace else.

I am running IIS 6 on a Win 2k3 server for Outlook Web Access. We need to
modify the generic white page that displays the your password has expired
stuff so that it matches the theme of our other pages. I've done some
research and found that the achg.asp page looked like what we needed to
modify. However, I just dropped it into the iisadmpw folder and nothing has
changed - it's still the white generic page.

Can someone please help me find the correct file to modify so that this
works? This is the first webserver I have administered and I am not at all
sure of what I need to do. Someone else is actually doing the coding, all I
need to do is identify the file that needs to be changed and let him know.

Thank you!

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