Outlook and Exchange connectivity

Outlook and Exchange connectivity

Post by Danie » Sat, 07 Feb 2004 00:06:03

Hello all...

I have an issue with an outlook client and an exchange
server... I had some problems with a win2k workstation, I
did a reinstall (not clean - repair) and it started working
again... of course, the win2k had sp4, and the reinstall
was with a win2k sp2 cd so the updates kinda got screwed up.
Along with this, the office xp installed on the machine got
screwed up as well... even to the point of not wanting to
be reinstalled/uninstalled (windows installer got
corrupted). so i reinstalled updates and reinstalled
office... office works now, but outlook only gives an error
message as if exchange server is not available, although
all the other 50 stations in the network work without a
problem... and this happened on two machines showing
similar issues.
Outlook reports not being able to connect to exchange
server and suggest working offline... I am pretty sure that
the issue is from the win2k reinstall *** up but i am not
sure how to go around without clean installing windows,
because there are a lot of accounting applications on those
machine, and those would take time to recover from third
parties and would disable the workers maybe for days...
Thank you.


Outlook and Exchange connectivity

Post by Tyrone Cow » Mon, 09 Feb 2004 01:04:47

Since you are having connectivity issues I would start by testing basic
connectivity from this workstation to the Exchange server...ping, net use,
net view etc. If this works as expected then I would take a network trace
from the client then open Outlook and get the error then stop the trace. You
can tell in the trace if this machine is even trying to hit the Exchange
Server or trying to go to another server for some reason.

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