ptr records not being removed...

ptr records not being removed...

Post by Bob » Sat, 04 Oct 2003 03:06:01


Our network was just upgraded from winNT4.0 domain to a
single win2000 AD domain running in native mode. We have
about 4,500 users and 2000 computers supported by 3 Domain
Controllers. DNS, WINS and DHCP are being used on the
network. The upgrade was successful and everything has
been running fine for several months. The organization
has been divided into 10 OU and control delegated to
specific technicians.

Question1 -
DHCP is configured to automatically update reservations in
DNS. When a computer is removed from the network or
another IP address assigned through DHCP, the reverse
record is not removed in DNS. Scavenging is enabled, but
does not remove the inactive reverse records.

Question2 -
Is there a way to grant the head technician in a
departmental OU control over specific zones in DHCP, but
not other zone? (without making them a domain admin)

Thanks for any responses.

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I'd like an advice to properly set up my Exchange server (that someone
else have set-up). I have this ISP DNS configuration:

- An MX Record, called
- An A Record, called, with the same ip address of
- A PTR Record for the MX Record

In Exchange 2003, I have seen that is configured a Fully Qualified
Domain Name that is (for the default virutal smtp
In the DNS settings of my Windows 2003 server, I see an MX Record (and
an A record that points to a Smart Host in DMZ) for

This MX Record, for working properly with he configuration of ISP DNS
configuration, shouldn't be!?

In case I decide to modify it, I have to create another MX Record and
a A Record called (in DNS settrings) and apply the
new FQDN to Virtual Server SMTP, or I have to make other changes?

Thank You

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