Slow Internet Access. Help.

Slow Internet Access. Help.

Post by Rody » Wed, 01 Oct 2003 06:38:35

If anybody can help me I will really appreciate it. This
is frustrating.
I have a mixed OS network with:
1 Windows 2000 Server.
2 Windows 2000 Pro
2 Windows 98
1 Print Server HP JetDirect 170 X connected to a LaserJet
ISP Verizon DSL, with static IP. Router Linksys BEFSR41
and a Netgear hub to connect all the computers and the
Internal IP Addresses: 192.168.1.X Subnet mask: All PC are configured with static IP.
DNS: My W2000 Server, The ones provided by the ISP.
I am unable to solve the following 2 problems.
1) Whenever I connect more than 3 computers to the
network the Internet access dramatically slows down, I
have to wait 2 or 3 minutes for any page (or part of a
page) to show up. If I add the forth computer it takes
even longer, sometimes it throw the error "The page cannot
be displayed"
It doesn't matter which computer I add, I have tried all
possible combinations, the only one I always keep
connected is the server.
Second problem.
2) One of the W98 PC does not let me log in to the
domain. "The password is not correct" whenever I try to
log in to the 2000 Server domain. I know the password is
right because I can log in from any other computer with
the same user and password, I have also tried the
Administrator, I get the same error message. The only
thing I can do from that W98 PC is configure the router,
nothing else, that means that I can connect to the
network, so there is no problem with the cables, or
network hardware.
Thanks in advance for your help. I will be glad to give
further information about the configuration.

Slow Internet Access. Help.

Post by Steve » Wed, 01 Oct 2003 11:54:42

ody wrote:

What's the gateway for your network? Make sure all computers have
the right gateway set.

I suggest you read the whole section through first before making any
changes. Record all the steps you do to make sure you can back out
if needed.

* Work on the W2k server first

* Enable forwarders on the w2k server
Right click on the server and choose Properties. Go to the
forwarders tab. Enter the ISP DNS servers there ( & .2)
Refer to KB article 229840
( if the option
to add forwarders is grayed out.

* Change the DNS setting for W2k server
Use only 1 DNS server (your w2k server), not any of your

* stop and start the DNS server on the w2k server.

* Make sure that your w2k server can properly resolve IP addresses.
Running a ping test or using a web browser from the server

When the above is all working successfully, then start work on the
clients. If not, post back with an update.

* Work on a client

Change DNS settings to Remove your ISP DNS.
Verify that the clients can access the internet individually.

* Work on the w2k server
Add the WINS server to the w2k machine.
Control Panel > Add / Remove programs > Add Windows Component >
Networking Components > WINS

* Configure the client
Add WINS server IP address (, your w2k server) to each
client (same as adding a DNS server, but go to the WINS tab instead.
In windows 2000, you need to click on the advanced button in tcp/ip

You're basically done and hopefully resolved the two issues listed

I suggest you also run a DHCP server on the w2k server. It's more
flexible and allows for easier network configuration and less running
around (for example, when you want to add a second internal DNS

IIRC, Windows 98 runs by default as a broadcast node; it uses
broadcasts to find a computer. You will need to configure Windows 98
to be a hybrid node. I'm pretty sure you modify something in the
registry to accomplish this. I've always set the option using a DHCP
server (another reason to use DHCP).

I'm guessing that there is too much traffic for the Linksys to handle
(it's a small device after all):

broadcast traffic from the win 98 machines
DNS traffic to ISP DNS
AD traffic to ISP DNS


Slow Internet Access. Help.

Post by Steve » Wed, 01 Oct 2003 12:06:50

I forgot to add:

Proceed with extreme caution.

I am not on site, and the solutions listed were based on a brief
description of the network configuration, not an in depth analysis.

None of the steps described are destructive, but they could be
disruptive if not configured properly, or there is an unknown

Hopefully, the information will prove to be useful, either in the
problem resolution, or in providing hints on how to proceed.


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Slow Internet Access. Help.

Post by Danny Sand » Thu, 02 Oct 2003 01:30:15

> DNS: My W2000 Server

I would suggest removing your ISP's DNS server from the client config and
use them only as forwarders on your Win 2k server.
How to: Configure DNS for Internet Access In Windows 2000 ;en-us;300202