Win2k - DNS, IIS & 'inhouse'

Win2k - DNS, IIS & 'inhouse'

Post by i_robot7 » Sun, 11 Jan 2004 00:28:08

I THOUGHT I had this figured out! I DO have it working but I'm sure
not at 100% Any/all help is appreciated!

1. Home Win2k Srv. w/ AD (
2. BellSouth DSL w/ Linksys 4port router. (
3. Running - DNS (forward/reverse zone created for domain, Forwards to
ISP DNS), FTP (G6/Bulletproof), IIS..other 'servers' (UT, etc.).
4. Router forwards FTP(21), WWW(80) & few other ports to (server)
5. Soon to be running - SQL & Exchange

Here's the setup:
1. Registered domain ( - same as AD domain)
2. Registrar updated w/ 2 nameservers from ZoneEdit
3. Setup ( = WAN IP)
4. DirectUpdate (service) (changes IP on ZoneEdit for domain)

1. 'WWW.' & 'FTP.' do not follow to WAN IP (no alias' in ZoneEdit??)
2. IF I point server DNS ftp, www 'A' records to WAN IP (updated by
DirectUpdate) - I can ping & browse www/ftp as outside would (VERY
good) but outside world still can't see them (DNS not going out
through server-ISP-internet-??)
3. DNS (blank) & servername both point to internal IP....what do I
create to point to WAN IP?? I can't create 2 'A' records for my

What I want is ONE 'pipe' that * gets routed to
router's WAN IP. MY DNS should take over. This way I can create as
many CNAME's in my DNS server that point to a single 'A' WAN IP

Hope I gave all the info. correctly. It's working now (I created a
few alias' in zoneedit & set those same alias' in my DNS to WAN IP)
but that seems 2x work!

David D.

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Please cc me directly on any responses.


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