Minimal permissions to edit value of selected DNS-record?

Minimal permissions to edit value of selected DNS-record?

Post by Ilya Evsee » Wed, 18 May 2005 22:17:10

There is an alias is DNS-zone that points to one from a lot of servers.
Some people should have permissions to edit his value.

In the alias "Properties" window on "Security" tab
I've added these people (as members of "AliasNameOwners" group)
with read/write permissions, but when any member of this group
tries to push "Apply" button in alias properties,
"Access denied" errorbox is arrived.

Even "full control" access level doesn't help - the only effect is that
windows no more displays "You have read-only access to this tab" box
when user switches to "Security" tab.

What should I do to allowing editing of DNS-alias
by members of given group?

WBR, Ilya

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I have a Select Query with a Split Form attached to it. Access 2007.

I print out single page Lab Test Certificates that are sent out to Customers.

This is done through a Report also attached to the same Query.

When you click on a record visible in the bottom of the Split Form, it shows
in the fields (test boxes) in the upper portion of the form. The report is
created using this active record that is showing in the form.

Sometimes the same Certificate (record) is used again and only certain
fields need changing to create a new one. I would like to keep the old
record with it's original ID number.

Using a Command Button. Would it be possible to copy the selected query
record in the form, then paste it into the next (new) blank record so it may
be utilized as a new certificate for printing?

This is my very first Database. I've always used Excel, so I have some
experience with V.B. but still a novice. I see you cannot record macros in
Access, and I did not see what I wanted to do in the macro builder.

Thank you for your time, and thanx in advance if anyone has suggestions for
this beginner.

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