Post by Lars » Thu, 21 Oct 2004 22:11:15

Hi Group

I have a Windows Server 2003, that is connected to the Internet through an
ISDN connection.
I've notished that my ISDN connection is "UP" most of the time. The IP
address that trickers the communication is my 2003 Server and the protocol
used is UDP port 53, aka DNS requests to my ISP's DNS server.

Is there a way to reduce that kind of communication, i don't think it is
nesseary for the server to connect to the Internet about 100 times pr hour,
when there is no Internet connection needed by the users.

Is there some kind of How-to or some other dokumentations about this subject




Post by RGVuaXMgV2 » Fri, 22 Oct 2004 12:31:01

Is your server itself a DNS server? If yes, make sure you config it only as a
DNS forwarder. You can take a reference to this KB. But note that it also
depends on your own network environment. So consider clearly before you do.

See if this helps.

How To Configure DNS for Internet Access in Windows Server 2003 %3Ben-us%3B323380




Post by Jonathan d » Fri, 22 Oct 2004 12:42:12

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<pre wrap="">I've notished that my ISDN connection is "UP" most of the time. </pre>
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