Disk Quota

Disk Quota

Post by Roge » Tue, 11 Nov 2003 05:06:25

I have 2 shared folders A and B on a NTFS volume on my Win
2000 Server. Is there a way to set limits to the amount of
space that user has to each of these shared folders.
Example I would like each user to be able to store only
50MB in shared folder A and 150MB in shared folder B. Is
this possible. If so then how can I do it.

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I'm finding information about disc quotas settings on the filesystem
(Windows 2003 Server RC2). Unfortunately I think, that access over WMI
is too slow. I would like try access over COM interfaces. In addition
there is the requirement for the remote access.

Can somebody send me any link to a documentation for this issue?


Petr Reichl

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