ThunkConnect32.dll could not be located in KERNAL32.dll

ThunkConnect32.dll could not be located in KERNAL32.dll

Post by skor » Wed, 01 Oct 2003 14:03:49

In loading software to install my Iomega Zip drive 100MB
using Windows 2000 Professional operating system versus
Winows 95, I get the following error message "The
procedure entry point ThunkConnect32 could not be located
in the dynamic link library KERNAL32.dll"

How do I fix this error?

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2. AVG changed/infection location of kernal32.dll user32.dll ntosknl.

Every time I run AVG scan it shows that the kernal32.dll user32.dll and
files have been changed. I rebooted and looked and all are in the
C/win/sys32 tree.
Does AVG think that they should be somewhere else?
I have the free version and no technical support.
I did run a fix that someone suggested but it does not work.
THis error is on my XP Pro, home computer and XP Home laptop

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