an easy one

an easy one

Post by Poll » Thu, 06 Nov 2003 20:28:40

I have been given the task of re designing a filing

The overall idea is to set up a fixed filing system as a
basic framework for the users to use.

The filing system will work as follows:

Projects (mapped drive) in which resides:

Job numbers (there are thousans of these so to many to map
a drive to each) in which resides:

The fixed filing system.

The fixed filing system needs a system of folders
containing folders which are none deletable and none
moveable by users. However the files contained within
these folders need to be completely modifiable aswell as
any folders which are created independently from the main
folder system by the users.

The problem

Having spent quite alot of time playing around with file
sharing and sucurity settings I have found that although
it is possible to create a file structure which it none
deletable and immoveable I find the files contained within
are likewise are none deletable. I have played around with
heritable permission also with simular outcome. I can't
quite believe that microsoft would overlook the need to
keep permissions on folders and on files seperate - Please
can someone tell me there is a way.


an easy one

Post by Daniel Bil » Thu, 06 Nov 2003 21:02:36

Have you looked at the advanced permissions settings?


an easy one

Post by Fay » Fri, 07 Nov 2003 03:45:31

I am looking for a way to do the same thing. We need to
allow users to create & modify files, but not add or
delete folders. I have not found a way to keep them
separate, even by using advanced special permissions. If
I find a way, I'll be sure to post it.