Win2000 fails to boot

Win2000 fails to boot

Post by Justin Rus » Mon, 15 Sep 2003 16:00:04

Hi! Have quite the issue with my computer, quite bizarre.

Running an 900MhZ AMD, Win 2k SP4.

When Win 2k starts, it begins going very slowly, but it
gets past the original loading screen. It progresses
slower and slower until it freezes on the logon screen.
At this point, the computer has stopped processing all
together. This also occurs in safe mode. It does go
through shut down when I press the power down button

In system recovery, it refuses to reinstall Windows
because my partition is corrupt, and CHKDSK fails every
time with 'There are one or more unrecoverable problems.'
However in the Recovery Console, I can still browse my

Any clues? This happened a week or two after installing
SP4. There have been no errors to help me explain the