How to run installed program through limited account

How to run installed program through limited account

Post by niti » Tue, 30 Sep 2003 03:57:42

I have windows xp professional installed.
I created two user's account one is admin. and other is
limited user account but the problem is I can't run
installed software through limited account I also tried
by giving full rights to the folder of the desired
software but in vain.
so please help me How to run program through limited


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I have admin and limited user account on my PC. I always run in
limited user account, except when installing program and doing other
system maintenance work.

In limited user account, when I install a program, it will pop up a
dialog to ask for admin password.

Suppose that under limited user account, I by mistake downloaded
virus/trojan, can this virus/trojan/key logger steal the admin
password when I try to install a program?

I know that I'll be safe if I switch to admin account to do the

And yes, there is a possibility that the virus will change the program
I want to install. Let's ignore this possibility for now.

I am running Win7.


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