Search for read only files

Search for read only files

Post by WinSysBee » Sat, 17 Apr 2004 19:07:20

Hello, you can try to use Professional Audit Expander 3. with this soft, you can scan the NTFS permissions of many objects, like folders, files, Active Directory, Registry, IIS, GPO... and obviously the files attributes. WinSysBee Support Team
nntp://< XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Is there a way search for read only files. I think you can do it with a
resource kit tool but I would like to do it thru explorer if possible. Any


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Thanks a lot for cross posting over here.

Here is the Original Problem Folks:

I have one file, named allStrings.txt where each line is treated as ONE
STRING. I need to read each line from this file and search for that
line in another directory which contains some 100 .html files. Once I
find a matching line that contains that ONE STRING, I need to write
that ONE STRING into another file. I need to discard those that are not
found in any of those 100 .htm files.

So basically my intention is to find out if the strings are used in any
of the 100 .htm files that exist in another directory. And if they
exist simply write the string into a new file - let us call the file
"usedStrings.txt". So basically when I compare usedStrings.txt and
allStrings.txt I will know which of them are NOT USED.

I am looking for a shell script for this. Any help will be really great
to have.

Thank you all so much in advance.

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